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WILMAS - Risograph (Hot Pink)


6" x 9" Risograph print. Hot pink 1-color print on smooth white cardstock. Limited edition of 30. Signed and numbered.

This photo was taken in my hometown Wilmington. The mural on this market “El Mercadito” has been there since the 70’s. It depicts two mexican gangsters fighting each other on one side and them uniting on the other side. It’s a respected and historic mural, but from time to time youngsters will tag on it. People in the community will go over it and continue to repaint it to try and keep it intact. On this day, I went back to Wilmington to photograph the mural. In the middle of shooting, down the street  comes two guys in a bright red Impala. We spot each other, they see my camera and I could see they got excited. Like the lowriders they are, they like to show off. So they speed up and turn the corner and go past the mural, all the while I was shooting. This photo says so much about my city Wilmington and the community that has been there for generations.